Case Albin Kistler

Martin et Karczinski

pursuing excellence

Brand refresh of Albin Kistler


The handover of the operational management from the founding partners to the current leadership team provided an ideal moment for wealth management company Albin Kistler to review and refine its values and identity.



The consistent setting of new benchmarks made Albin Kistler a leading independent wealth management company. "How do they do it?" is often asked in Zurich's financial community when the name Albin Kistler comes up. The firm exudes something magical. How does a company in a business as discreet as wealth management become a well-known brand?



Based on careful qualitative analysis that included extensive customer interviews, the normative framework of Albin Kistler was refined in a two-day workshop. With the updating of the brand profile, the visual brand identity was to be revised as well.


Albin Kistler didn't have to reinvent itself, but it wanted to set new priorities. The central theme remains the claim "We keep our word." and the customer promise to always provide the best performance. In terms of content, the brand profile is accentuated by attributes that additionally describe how the core value of excellence is lived: the entrepreneurial spirit, the performance culture based on partnership and the continuity in personal customer care.


As part of the revised brand identity, the logo now more clearly represents an industry leader and in its short form simplifies the effective digital presence. The goose, which has been the emotional brand symbol for over 20 years, remains, and in several new poses, it now comments on the seven ingredients of Albin Kistler’s recipe for success.