»The work you do is just highly professional, very efficient, beneficial and inspirational.«

André Kistler, Joint Owner and Head of Strategy at Albin Kistler AG
Agency services
Analysis / Research
Brand Identity
C-Level Consultancy
Claim Development
Corporate Design

Having launched his career at the Swiss bank SBG (now known as UBS) 1971, André Kistler joined the Research Department of Strauss Turnbull & Co in London in 1977. In 1978, he was appointed to the research division of the Vontobel bank, and subsequently moved into asset management. In 199?, he and his partner Norbert Albin together founded Albin Kistler, which is today a leading company in private wealth & asset management.

What brought you into contact with Martin et Karczinski?
We are one of the best asset management companies in the Zurich financial centre. This is demonstrated by our performance against the relevant comparison figures. We recently began offering asset management with personal funds and want to show that with first-rate branding. So we looked around for the best partner in the industry for identity consultancy and design – Martin et Karczinski. We knew that we were in excellent hands with them.
What is so special about the partnership?
The partnership is very efficient and lean. We couldn’t afford any slack. Participating in the workshop with MetK at the beginning may have been time-consuming, but it was also extremely focused. We spent two days working intensively on the Albin Kistler identity, with complete focus and no chit-chat. The way in which the external perceptions from the qualitative analysis carried out by MetK were integrated in workshop was exciting and very well done. The findings were then immediately translated into a creative idea. It was all highly professional, very efficient, beneficial and inspirational.
What are the challenges within your communication?
All asset managers want to be well-positioned. Image is extremely important in our industry. Everyone else knows that as well. It is an insanely competitive market – everyone says they are the best. The particular challenge lies in being recognisable as one of the very best without blowing our own trumpet too loudly. That would not be in line with our values. Our aim is to be perceived in the market as the ones who do things their own way and are therefore so successful. This excellence needs to be visible and tangible.