»A unique combination of consultancy and design expertise. Design is never developed in a vacuum, it must always serve a business purpose.«

Sven Schnee, Head of Global Brand Gaggenau
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After studying the university of Passau, Sven Schnee joined the BH Group as Export Manager Europe in 1993. Over the subsequent years, he fulfilled a variety of roles. These included Head of Marketing for the group in France from 1998 to 2002 and Chief Marketing Officer in Russia from 2006 to 2008. In 2008, Sven Schnee was appointed Head of Global Brand at Gaggenau. As part of this role, he is responsible for global strategy and the coordination of all Gaggenau activities in the area of strategy, product marketing, communication, design, brand management and PR.

Do you remember your first meeting with Peter Martin, Mr Schnee?
Of course. Especially in personal contact, Peter Martin is an exceptional man, inspirational and charismatic.
What qualities do you feel Martin et Karczinski has as an agency – purely in terms of content?
The energy and intensity they put into preparing presentations is remarkable. But the true quality of Martin et Karczinski lies in their consultative approach – in the unique combination of consultancy and design expertise. Design is never developed in a vacuum, it must always serve a business purpose.
Gaggenau works with Martin et Karczinski as a strategic sparring partner. What were the first steps in working together, and where has it led to-date?
In particular when it comes to sustainability and positioning, we rely on the agency’s expertise. In the Purpose Workshops, I found out how relevant and important it is to have a vision. I must say: the Purpose Workshops were really brilliant – the positioning of a brand and its consistent, long-term presentation have to be based on a deeper sense.
What makes the workshops so special?
Alongside the content-related, substantive work, it’s the moderation and management provided by Peter Martin and Daniel Karczinski in particular. They made us all aware how important it is for us as Gaggenau to truly implement and ‘live’ our brand character at every level of the organisation.
What are the next steps?
We now have a clear vision of where we are – and it was all very self-evident. We are now continuing our work with intensification workshops and will work further with the agency on our brand character. The route we have chosen has already paid off.