Martin et Karczinski

We believe it is high time

for a new consciousness,

It’s time, for a new way of thinking

and to create responsibly.

With our knowledge and skills,

our method and our energy,

we are committed to bring this new consciousness

into the economy—and the world.


With an awareness of our own potential,

and the contribution we can make,

we realise that growth is possible in harmony

and not in conflict.

We call it


Everything we do

has an impact

on the grand total.

We believe in conscious growth.

That economy, ecology and society

can be in harmony.

That each individual and companies especially

can make a difference.

And all the things we can achieve,

if we’re aware of our identity and our potential.

Sustainability begins with our

daily habits and choices.

The economy has the power,

to change the world for good.

In an increasingly quantified world

there are things

that move us

and make us marvel at their effect.

Making people aware:

Effect arises from the magical combination of

recognition and action.

Nothing is as meaningful as identity.

That’s why brand is a matter for the boss

We believe, that conscious growth

can only be created through

strong and long-term partnerships.

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